The Grand Council and Sacred Robes LIVE

The Grand Council and Sacred Robes

taught by Megan Wagner and Diane Wilcoxson

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Are you ready to journey inward? Curious how sacred art and the Company of Heaven can help you transform to create a life you love?

Prepare to experience five incredible daily Journeys where you explore Sources of Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom in your own life utilizing Guidance from the Company of Heaven - in this course, The Grand Council, oracled by Diane Wilcoxson. 

Five of Megan Wagner’s 33 Sacred Robes featuring divine aspects of The Grand Council are presented and worked with in this course.

Join Megan Wagner and Diane Wilcoxson to explore your soul's blueprint and gain insight into your life's purpose so you may co-create the life conditions that will optimally support you.


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September 11 - 15

▪ Day One: Connecting with Source

On the first day, you will you learn about 5 Sacred Robes concepts and receive Attunement to your own Sources of Wisdom; elegantly introducing and initiating your Personal Mastery awareness over this 5-day Journey with Megan, Diane and The Grand Council.

▪ Day Two: Connecting with Knowledge

On the second day, you will learn about Architect, Co-Creator and Decision Maker aspects of your Life’s Blueprint; receive Attunement to sources of Knowledge in your own life.

▪ Day Three: Connecting with Understanding

On the third day, with guided Journeying using the Sacred Robe and Attunement, you learn about how Understanding leads to you becoming a more conscious Co-Creator of your own life. In this session, you will become aware of new and enlightening insights for how you are living and how to thrive in even easier, more gratifying ways.

▪ Day Four: Connecting with Wisdom

On the fourth day, you will explore distinctions between Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom, and learn how to access and relate to your own Sources of Wisdom. Journeying with Wisdom, you will receive a deeper appreciation for yourself and how capable and wise you really are, and can become.


▪ Day Five: Connecting with Guidance

On the fifth day, you will learn to engage your own Guide Dance™ with the Company of Heaven. The Grand Council and your own Guides connect you to your own Sources of Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom in a Journey starting now and lasting a lifetime. You will receive encouragement and ideas for how to take forward into your daily life all that you have explored in these 5 days of journeying with The Grand Council’s Wisdom and Sacred Robes.

Live One Hour Group Q & A 
with Megan Wagner and Diane Wilcoxson*

▪ Daily support from Megan and Diane in the interactive Student Discussion Forum

▪ Self-paced, downloadable, multimedia materials so you can learn at your own pace.

▪ On all 5 days, you will receive audio discussions with The Grand Council, Megan Wagner, and Diane Wilcoxson. The Grand Council is a bandwidth of energies and wisdom from other realms. 

Each day of the 5 days of this course involves meditations, attunements and guided self-discovery utilizing Sacred Robe images and icons. All of this supports your journeying into greater connection and alignment with the Company of Heaven as you explore your own Personal Mastery.

The LIVE Q&A call with Megan and Diane is on September 12 at 10:00 am ET.

*Enroll anytime. Whether you attend or miss the LIVE call, you will receive the replay. 

“Work with The Grand Council has opened me up to ideas and possibilities I would never have identified, or considered, on my own. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities they provide, unconditionally every time, for me to consider what my own Truth is. They support and encourage me to explore and expand my Personal Mastery while following my life Blueprint. I wholeheartedly endorse working with The Grand Council, Megan and Diane in AncientFuture.Today for people who are seeking to experience their own Mastery. It’s the easiest and most enjoyable way I have found to consciously do this." ~Business Woman, USA

“On an 8-week, 5-international-city epic journey led by Diane and Megan several years ago, I discovered that I actually have something called ‘Personal Mastery’. Who knew? Wearing Megan’s Sacred Robes every day, in meditation and during other activities, This was a profound, once-in-alifetime experience to explore Personal Mastery which left me, and the others who also journeyed, positioned to take our Mastery into the world in bigger, brighter, more enjoyable ways than we could possibly have imagined, or done on our own. I am grateful and still somewhat in awe of just how transformative that adventure turned out to be. It continues to inform my actions and help me make conscious choices in life. Thank you - again and again." ~Artist/Healer, Canada

“Megan and all that she knows and shares are tremendous. Her understanding of topics and knowledge is stunning to me. She weaves all of it together with stories, experiences and very clear examples, with her books, meditations and processes that have helped me discover my own greatness. She’s one of my heroines in real life. Megan is a truly advanced soul. I am grateful and feel privileged to know and to have learned from her. I have gone on a few of her international sacred journeys and will go on as many as I can in future as well. They are amazing experiences and I always transform as a result. Her women’s work is deep and broad, simultaneously. Thank you, Megan, for all you have studied, learned and now share with others and with me." ~Retiree, USA

“Uniquely combining a strong, practical streak of business savvy and experience with her work as Oracle for two Councils, Diane always has pragmatic suggestions for how I can better think and lead in more versatile, innovative ways. I enjoy her sense of humor and very broad perspectives. Both are unusual in business .. and refreshing. Her facilitation of groups is impressive, with everyone gaining new insights into ourselves and each other, our work, and our transformative possibilities as teams and as a company. We have fun every time we engage her. This consultant makes a difference along with off-planet ‘teams’ to advise her and us too. What a neat, rare combination!" ~Corporate Leader, Australia

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Prepare  to experience the Grand Council and the Sacred Robes of Source, Knowledge, Understanding,  Wisdom, and you gain insight into your Higher purpose!

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Megan Wagner & Diane Wilcoxson

Meet Megan Wagner and Diane Wilcoxson

Megan and Diane, for years, have been a team with The Grand Council, a body of off-planet wisdom, with all three together creating a sophisticated system of ancient and modern human psychology and Personal Mastery Adventures. This work is detailed in all offerings at AncientFuture.Today, where you can explore your own Mastery and Soul’s journey through life.

Diane and Megan creatively provide ways for you to explore both privately and with others in a community of Mastery. They help each journeyer to develop awareness and clear intention to express their Soul’s mission and purpose while consciously co-creating a world that all will love inhabiting. Megan and Diane have journeyed for most of their lives in the pursuit of Personal Mastery, and offer highly effective ways for you to explore what you are on earth to do and how to take your Mastery into real-world action.

Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner, PhD is an internationally known author, psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, ritual leader and Interfaith Minister. Her published works include:  Awakening with The Tree of Life: 7 Initiations to Heal Body Soul & Spirit and Awakening the Feminine Path of Power: Divine Feminine Initiation Path. She is Director of Tree of Life Wisdom School and Director of Spiritual Psychology at The Chaplaincy Institute Interfaith Seminary. Megan uses Jungian Psychology, Kabbalah, Family Systems, Astrology and Storytelling in her healing practice and training programs. She loves travel and adventure and takes groups to sacred sites around the world. She also travels with her 33 Sacred Robes, which people can wear for meditation, prayer, ceremony and ritual. The 33 Robes are an integral part of the Mastery work she does with Diane and The Grand Council. She is delighted to meet you at

Diane's work is two-fold - one as Oracle for The Grand Council and team member with Megan in AncientFuture.Today. She is also a well-regarded corporate consultant working in change initiatives with individuals, teams and companies in Asia Pacific for over 30 years.  Throughout all she does, Diane provides myriad ways and means for people to explore what matters most to them and to identify desirable changes.  She then helps create sustainable results through processes and decision making that sets up everyone for success, immediately and in the long-term.  People love her humour, her laughter, her ability to see both silliness and glory in humankind.  She’s never met a stranger and regards each being as a welcome part of her own journey in one way or another.

Both Megan and Diane have been on the path of self-discovery and exploration since early ages. They are dedicated to creating fun Personal Mastery adventures they share with others in-person and online. They have a Podcast called 18-Minute Enlightenment, and episodes are available to everyone interested to think in new ways about life, to be masterful, and to grow and change while creating a life they truly love. Please visit us at www.AncientFuture.Today

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