Shakti Rising: Activating Your Elemental Forces Within

Shakti Rising

Activating Your Elemental Forces Within

Join Visionary & Shamanic Goddess
Linda Star Wolf  

Awaken Your Shakti Consciousness! 

 SiStars, are you ready to experience a Shamanic Journey through the Elements where you can fully step into, align with, and embody your passion, pleasure, and power? Is it time to awaken your Shakti Serpent ?   

Journey through the elements of  Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Spirit.  Awaken your Shakti to its fullest form. Connect with powerful  Goddess  archetypes and experience integrative rituals to activate your Life Force Energy!   

Explore your Sacred Purpose, obtain a Bigger Vision for yourself, and open your heart to the plan of Great Mystery.

Dive deep and rise up out of the shadows. Banish negative thoughts, feelings, and objects from your life. 

Enjoy your power, sexuality, and feel the protection from the Great Goddesses who surround you! 

Awaken your serpent. Connect to the Divine. Cast a magic spell of hope upon the world.  

Join the energies from the great above. Join the energies from the great below. 

Feel the energy rise from within.

Linda Star Wolf is the founder and director of Venus Rising and the President of Venus Rising University. She has been a pioneer in the fields of shamanic psychospiritual transformation and recovery for over 30 years.

 Are You Ready to Awaken Your Shakti Consciousness?

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You’ll learn fun and purposeful exercises that will help you:

  • Recognize your heart's true desires and assist you on your path of transformation and manifestation.
  • Reflect upon things that feed your Shakti energy through Elemental Journaling.
  • Gain clarity and confidence in setting strong healthy boundaries in your life.
  • Connect with your inner healer through powerful Shamanic Breathwork.
  • Discover practical ways to channel, activate and awaken your Shakti Life Force Energy.
  • Connect with Goddesses all over the world and discover how their archetypal stories can support you in your everyday life.
  • Use ritual and ceremony to rejuvenate and reclaim your sexuality.

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Call upon the Great Goddesses.

Reclaim your passion and power as a woman.

Access the wisdom of the Divine Feminine within YOU! 

Experience the acti­va­tion of your Kundalini Life Force Ener­gy in a holistic and embodied journey.  

Conjure the fires of passion and creativ­i­ty from deep with­in, and awak­en the power of your Goddess ener­gy through cere­mo­ny, ritu­al, and commu­ni­ty!  


This powerful six-part course includes: 

  • Interactive videos that guide you to understand your feminine power and help activate your Shakti energy 
  • Tips and techniques to awaken your serpent and connect to the divine 
  • Journaling exercises to connect you with your Life Force Energy    
  • Activating rituals connecting you with Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Spirit 
  • Immediate access to the course to give you passion, pleasure, and power 
  • All materials downloadable to enjoy & learn at your leisure 
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS! 50% off Linda Star Wolf's Sacred U course, Awaken the Shaman Within 

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All course materials are yours to keep forever! 

FREE! MODULE ONE: Shakti Master Class    

Go on a Shamanic Journey through the Elements where women can fully step into, align with and embody their passion, pleasure, and power! Women will journey through the elements of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Spirit; awakening their Shakti to its fullest form.  

Connecting with different archetypes, and undergoing integrative and activating rituals, this course contains rich shamanic work and processes that will allow women to connect with their Life Force Energy in a holistic and embodied way.



MODULE TWO: Air – Athena / Isis / Hathor / Serket / Nut 

You’re ready to embody your passion and pleasure, and soar into the air! In the Air Element, women will examine how they can cultivate and use their Shakti energy in the world.

This module will hold shamanic activities that allow women to explore their Sacred Purpose, obtain a Bigger Vision for themselves, and to open their hearts to the plan of Great Mystery.

MODULE THREE: Water – Venus / Aphrodite    

Stepping onto the Spiral Path of Shamanic Consciousness with Linda Star Wolf, women will connect with the cleansing and nourishing energies of Water. In the water, women will be given the opportunity to intentionally release unhealthy behaviors, beliefs, and patterns, and ritually re-enter the womb; remembering their connections with sensuality, innocence, and trust.

This module will prepare women for their elemental journey, and allow them to reconnect the purity of their Shakti Life Force Energy.

MODULE FOUR: Earth – Hathor / Hera / Persephone  

Once you’ve surrendered and dissolved in the waters, your Shamanic Shakti Journey transitions into the element of Earth. Within the Earth, women will be able to connect with the Earth element from a shamanic perspective that allows them to confidently and comfortably establish strong boundaries.  

Practicing techniques such as grounding and protection, women will be able to construct and hold a stable container within themselves to hold and nurture their Shakti energy.


MODULE FIVE: Fire – Sekhmet / Bridget / Durga    
Out of the Earth, women will move into the element of Fire! Using the Shakti Shamanic Breathwork Process, women will cultivate their inner fires and fuel their kundalini energies.  

Through this process, women will be able to build upon their personal energy and reclaim their power as an embodied Shakti filled being on this planet.

MODULE SIX: Spirit - Inanna

After women have journeyed through the first four elements, this module will represent the element of Spirit. In this segment, women will be introduced to the myth of Inanna, and they will engage with this archetype as they reflect on their own life, death and rebirth experience.  

This module will serve as an integration segment where women are reminded that they are residing within a Bigger Story and that we are all living archetypal lives.
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Find your sacred purpose! 

Keep your Shakti burning and flowing and stay conscious of your Spiral Path.     

Learn to embrace your journey and harmonize your Life Force Energy.      

Calling all Shakti Rising Elemental Sisters! Discover the powerful force within you!

50% off Linda Star Wolf's Sacred U course, Awaken the Shaman Within     

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Linda  Star Wolf

Meet Linda Star Wolf

Linda Star Wolf has been a visionary teacher and shamanic guide to thousands of people over the last 35 years.  Starting out as a therapist in the mental health and addictions fields in the 1980’s, Star Wolf is a nationally certified alcohol and drug counselor who draws from her personal experience of recovery from addiction.  The author of several books, she is the creator of Shamanic Breathwork® and the founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, a non-profit organization, and Founder and President of Venus Rising University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies. Star Wolf is also the co-founder of the Shamanic Mystery Tours and takes spiritual seekers all over the world to explore sacred shamanic sites.

Dedicating her life to helping others to release dysfunctional patterns of all kinds and to radically transform their lives, Star Wolf teaches people how to awaken to the Bigger Picture, embody their own inner Visionary Shaman and step into a life of passionate purpose. Her personal commitment to sacred activism and visionary leadership led her to create the Shamanic Ministers Global Network.

Star Wolf holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Services from St. Leo College, a Doctorate of Ministry from Summit University and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Religious Studies from the University for Integrative Learning.  

“First of all my ears perk up any time Star Wolf offers her teachings. I love her grounded knowledgeable, humble, charismatic magical mystical style. As for her Shakti Rising series...I say yes yes yes...more please! Part of my practice these days involves two questions I ask myself daily. What turns me on? What am I hungry for? Star Wolf’s Shakti Rising Series gives me the space to dive deep into those questions and to awaken more fully the life force that lies within me and calls to me to tune in and turn it on consciously. Star Wolf’s Shakti series offers a wonderful opportunity for women to explore and awaken our delicious life force energy in a safely held sacred container. I am so grateful to Star Wolf for this Shakti Rising Series! Life Changing!”
-Annie Mark, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Shamanic/Interfaith Minister Certified Contemplative Musician

“Shakti Rising has been a powerful experience for me that has had a rippling effect on my family and community.  Through Star Wolf's teachings, for the first time in my life, I connected to my body and my inner knowing (my dragon).  Whew!!  This connection allows me to walk in the world grounded and connected.  This has literally energized me!  I have a new energy that is being fed by my connection to myself!!  This has positively affected all my relationships.  My Shakti has risen and continues to Rise!”
-Lisa Asvestas, Founder and Director of Third Eye Tribe Congregation of Venus Rising, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

"Shakti Rising with Star Wolf has been so much fun!  Cooperation, not competition, allows us ALL to explore the depths and heights of our individual feminine essence.  Getting to know amazing women of all ages and walks of life is a gift.  Doing so while each of us activates and owns her personal life force energy is something I wish for all women to experience."
-Deb Kotz, Founder and Director of Shaman's Hearth, Congregation of Venus Rising, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

"Nothing is more important or powerful than a woman harnessing and owning her Shakti life force energy. After one year of experiential studies with Linda Star Wolf and her Shakti training, I am grateful to say I am more passionate about life and how I live and love than ever before. I have come to understand and own my power of creation, the ability to conceive ideas and nurture them to life. I am turned on more than ever with not only my partner but with life in general and am more fearlessly stepping into my passion and purpose every day.  When we realize how powerful we are as creators and mothers of life we become powerful conduits for love and change in the world. Thank you, Star Wolf!"
-Stephanie Urbina Jones, Musical Artist, Singer-Song Writer, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, and Cofounder and Director of Freedom, Folk, & Soul Congregation of Venus Rising.

Turn your Shakti energy on, activate it, and let your energy rise! 

Raise up your power, your passion, your purpose   

Join Linda Star Wolf in Shakti Rising!

Don't forget you also receive 50% off Linda Star Wolf's course, Awaken the Shaman Within.

Materials are yours to keep forever! Awaken your Shakti Consciousness and Experience Life-Giving Passion, Pleasure, and Power!

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