Quantum Approaches to Healing

Quantum Approaches to Healing

taught by Gene Ang, Ph.D.

Apply the Quantum Holographic Model for Healing and Manifestation!

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Quantum Approaches to Healing

Join Gene Ang, Ph. D. and get ready to access the nexus between Science and Spirituality as it applies to more spiritual approaches of healing and thought form creation. 

Work with Gene and learn specific techniques that can be applied immediately in your life to help you become more effective and happier. 

▪ Day 1: The Quantum Holographic Model and Its Larger Implications

▪ Day 2: Resonance and the Concept of Quantum Entanglement

▪ Day 3: Thought Form Creation and the Vortex Powerhouse

▪ Day 4: The Synchronized Universe. All Manifestation Is Made Up of Frequencies

▪ Day 5: Expand Your Superconscious Abilities. Be in More Than One Place At the Same Time

You will learn: 

1. The Quantum Holographic Model and how it applies to your life.

2. How to manage, manipulate, and manifest thoughtforms.

3. How to access and exchange with quantum information fields for healing, learning, and information.

4. How to access more aspects of your superconsciousness for work in the world.

5. How to determine how to use these quantum techniques to move forward in your authentic life path.

You will receive:

 ▪ Self paced multimedia course instruction

▪ 1 - 2 practical techniques for each class which you can implement immediately in your life

▪ 5 mp3s ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes each

▪ A 30 plus page pdf workbook including an extensive bibliography for further study

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Gene Ang Ph. D.

About the instructor

Gene Ang, Ph.D. received his BA from Stanford University in Human Biology and Philosophy/ Religious Studies, and his Ph.D from Yale University in Neurobiology. Gene's work centers around the use of subtle energy to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind.

Gene has a healing practice based in Thousand Oaks, CA and sees clients for a number of energy healing practices. In addition, he teaches seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality, and healing. Gene travels both in the United States and internationally facilitating healing sessions and workshops.

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