The Lost Symbols of the Goddess

The Lost Symbols

Of The Goddess

Join Tricia McCannon  

Pull back the Veils of Isis and go beyond the commonly known archetypes for women of the virgin or the whore, and reveal the Goddess archetypes behind them. 

Learn the Initiatory Keys of the Goddess

to include the Moon, the Bee, the Dove, the Swan, the Owl, the Raven, the Serpent, the Labyrinth, the Tree of Life and the Waters of Life - all symbols that originated with the Divine Mother! 

Tricia McCannon is a mystic and a scholar, and she has done the work for you of compiling years of research of the ancient texts, legends, hermetic symbolism, and her own experiences to tell the real story of the lost symbols of the Goddess. 

This powerful Part 3 of the full Mary Magdalene and the Return of The Divine Goddess course includes:

  • Visually stunning video personally taught by Tricia McCannon. 
  • Riveting and little known historical facts    about the honoring of God-as-Mother.    
  • Illustrations and paintings detailing the many expressions of the Divine Mother.      
  • Hermetic symbolism and esoteric knowledge    of the Great Mother.                   
  • Deep spiritual wisdom    explained. Yes, you will understand what you have always felt!             
  • Separate audio transcript of video   for ease of listening on the go.         
  • Immediate access  to the course to begin your journey.          
  • All materials downloadable   for you to enjoy and learn at your leisure.        

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PART THREE: The Lost Symbols of the Goddess 

From our ancestors' deep understanding of nature, they chose to encode the wisdom of the Goddess into a language. This language consists of initiatory symbols that hold clues to the multidimensional keys of life acting as activations to awaken a deeper level of awareness.

Pull back the Veils of Isis to reveal the Goddess archetypes behind them. These initiatory keys include the Moon, the Bee, the Dove, the Swan, the Owl, the Raven, the Serpent, the Labyrinth, the Tree of Life and the Waters of Life - all symbols that originated with the Divine Mother.
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Pull back the Veils!  

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Tricia McCannon

Meet Tricia McCannon

Tricia McCannon is an American mystic and best-selling author of four books including Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions and Return of the Divine Sophia: Healing the Earth Through the Lost Wisdom Teachings of  Jesus, Isis, and Mary Magdalene. As a Keynote Speaker, she speaks on a variety of subjects to include Awakening the Divine Feminine, the Egyptian Mysteries, Discovering Your Divine Purpose, and the Lost Years and Secret Teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Over the last 20 years, Ms. McCannon has been a headliner at conferences in many cities across the U.S. and Europe.

Tricia is the Director of the Phoenix Fire Mystery School, the Founder of the Gnosis Learning Institute, and a Bishop in the Madonna Ministries. Trained as an initiate in many ancient streams of wisdom, including the Celtic, Egyptian, Far Eastern, and Native American traditions, she brings the Mysteries of Shamanic mastery into simple, accessible terms.

Raised in a traditional Episcopalian home, Tricia blends the wider perspectives of history, mysticism, science, archaeology, and spirituality with her own unique warmth and wisdom, making her a powerful bridge teacher for thousands worldwide.

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“Tricia McCannon has produced a masterpiece of exhaustive research. She has left no stone unturned. Her devotion to her subject shines through loud and clear.” 
-Dolores Cannon, author of Jesus and the Essenes, They Walked with Jesus, Conversations with Nostradamus and fifteen other metaphysical books.

“For those who are already students of the Mysteries, Tricia McCannon has provided this remarkable compilation of information for you, from the Wisdom of the Ancients to current day, all of it tied together in a beautiful package wrapped in the profound bow of her own knowledge and wisdom. Enjoy the journey!” 
-Reverend Lynn Ann Clements

“Tricia McCannon’s scholarly approach and stunning discoveries allows us to see in a new light the Divine Sophia’s role in the process of awakening humanity. Truly illuminating.” 
William Henry, author, The Lost Secret of the Watchers

“Tricia has done it again! Her personal search for spiritual truth has created a pathway for the collective awakening of the human race. Travel with this world renown teacher to the heart of the mysteries of the quantum field where the great masters dwell and return with new found knowledge, purpose, clarity, and love.”  
–Alan Steinfeld, TV Host and Founder of

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