Peace through Spiritual Practice with the Interfaith Amigos

Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice

with the Interfaith Amigos

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Back by popular demand: Sacred U's LIVE online Master Class 

Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice 

October 23rd to November 17th, 2017


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 Finding Hope for Peace

Wednesday October 11,  5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern via Zoom free conferencing

This FREE LIVE webinar with the Interfaith Amigos will give you a booster shot of hope and prepare you for peace.  Join us for an hour of live teaching, plus a 30-minute interactive discussion with all three Amigos. 

Want peace? 

Don't go it alone. 

We have just the course for you. 

Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon, and Imam Jamal Rahman—aka "the Interfaith Amigos"—will help you deepen your spiritual grounding through simple yet profound spiritual practices. 

World peace begins in the heart.

Drawing from the wisdom of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Interfaith Amigos teach us how to cultivate deep and lasting inner peace that transcends all forms of separation, alienation, and strife. 

▪ Week One: Building a Strong Foundation through Spiritual Practice

▪ Week Two: Dealing with Anger and Fear through Spiritual Practice

▪ Week Three: Cultivating Love and Peace through Spiritual Practice

▪  Week Four: Spirituality as a Way of Life

Let peace begin with you.

This course blends teaching, practice, and discussion so you can really engage with your teachers, your classmates, and your deepest self. Each Amigo leads a week-long module with daily features, including spiritual practice tutorials from each Amigo every week. During the fourth week, the Interfaith Amigos teach together in their signature inter-spiritual style. 

You're invited to speak directly with the Amigo of the week—and all three Amigos together in the fourth week—as we gather on Wednesday evenings for four weekly interactive teleconferences. Don't worry if you can't make it, they'll be recorded for those who can't join us live at the scheduled times:

Week One: Rabbi Ted at 4-5 pm Pacific time on Wednesday October 25th
Week Two: Pastor Don at 4-5 pm Pacific time on Wednesday November 1st
Week Three: Imam Jamal at 4-5 pm Pacific time on Wednesday November 8th
Week Four: all 3 Amigos at 4-5 pm Pacific time on Wednesday November 15th

You'll also have access to a 24/7 Student Forum where classmates can connect with one another, share insights and questions, and reflect on the practices in real time.

Each week you'll receive:

Welcome email from the Amigo of the week
▪ 20-minute video teaching
Spiritual practice tutorials from all three Amigos
Written materials and suggested readings
Access to the 24/7 Student Forum
Live one-hour teleconference with the Interfaith Amigos

Be the change.

The time for theorizing about peace is over. It's time to study peace.

It's clear the world needs more great peacemakers, but we all need help building a solid foundation of peace in our lives if we want to change the world for the better. Just as inner battles become outer battles, inner peace becomes world peace.

With over a dozen transformative spiritual practices designed to deepen and ground your personal peace, the Interfaith Amigos help you create lifelong practices that equip you to be a better peacemaker. 

Make Gandhi proud! Sign up for this course today. 

The Interfaith Amigos are an effective antidote to the 21st-century blues with their witty and wise teaching style and the heartfelt love their friendship embodies. To see them in action, click below to watch one of their Tedx talks:

The beautiful relationship the Interfaith Amigos share moves far beyond interfaith dialogue. It's the kind of revolutionary friendship that makes peace in our time imminently imaginable. 

Have the headlines stolen your personal peace lately? Take heart. And take this course.

Don't go it alone. Join the Amigos Revolution.

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Imam Jamal Rahman, Pastor Don Mackenzie,  and Rabbi Ted Falcon

Meet the Interfaith Amigos

Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Imam Jamal Rahman together comprise The Interfaith Amigos, an inter-spiritual collaboration that began soon after the 9-11 to foster peace among the Abrahamic faiths. The Amigos travel together nationally and internationally, speaking and teaching on the core messages of unity, love, and compassion that are the essence of their traditions. They have written three books together: Getting to the Heart of Interfaith: The Eye-Opening, Hope-Filled Friendship of a Pastor, a Rabbi & an Imam; Religion Gone Astray: What We Found at the Heart of Interfaith; and Finding Peace Through Spiritual Practice: The Interfaith Amigos’ Guide to Personal, Social and Environmental Healing.Their work has been featured in the New York Times and on CBS News, the BBC, and several NPR programs.

Rabbi Ted Falcon’s doctorate in Professional Psychology complements his rabbinical  training as he bridges the psychological and the spiritual in his  counseling practice. He has taught Jewish traditions of Kabbalah,  meditation, and spirituality since the 1970s. Ordained in 1968 at the  Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, he has  founded meditative synagogues in both Los Angeles and Seattle and is  co-author with David Blatner of Judaism for Dummies and author of A Journey of Awakening: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tree of Life.

Pastor Don Mackenzie, PhD, now living in Minneapolis, is devoting himself to interfaith work after retiring as Minister and Head of Staff at Seattle’s University Congregational United Church of Christ. Previously, he served congregations in Hanover, New Hampshire and Princeton, New Jersey. Ordained in 1970, he is a graduate of Macalester College, Princeton Theological Seminary, and New York University. His country music band, Life’s Other Side, recorded the sound track for the documentary film Family Name, and has sung at the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Imam Jamal Rahman is co-founder and Muslim Sufi Minister at Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Seattle and adjunct faculty at Seattle University.Originally from Bangladesh, he is a graduate of the University of Oregon and the University of California, Berkeley. He also has a spiritual counseling practice and he officiates interfaith weddings and ceremonies. His books include Sacred Laughter of the Sufis: Awakening the Soul with the Mulla’s Comic Teaching Stories and Other Islamic Wisdom; The Fragrance of Faith: The Enlightened Heart of Islam; Spiritual Gems of Islam: Insights and Practices from the Qur'an, Hadith, Rumi & Muslim Teaching Stories to Enlighten the Heart and Mind; and Out of Darkness into Light: Spiritual Guidance in the Quran with Reflections from Jewish and Christian Sources.

What's included?

16 Videos
22 Texts
4 Audios

Course Curriculum

Inner battles become outer battles; inner peace becomes world peace.

It's time to study peace.

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