Communication with your Soul Guides

Communication with Your Soul Guides

taught by Marilyn Alauria

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Are you ready to connect to your soul's purpose

and receive everyday guidance?

You feel and know that your Guides are around you…but you don’t know how to communicate.

Maybe you ask them questions but you aren’t receiving or understanding what they are saying…

Are you struggling to feel in contact with your Guides and connect with them on a deeper level? Have you been lacking clarity on your purpose?

Every. Single. Person. has a Guide. Even YOU! 

You just need to learn how to connect with them.

Join Psychic Medium Marilyn Alauria to connect with your Guides and receive the answers that sit in the seat of your soul.  

Open your heart, mind and soul to  

your Divine purpose.

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  • Day One: Introduction to Your Guides

On Day One, I'll introduce you to Guides - who and what they are and what the journey of working with your Guides looks like. You are going to discover a system that you can use every day that will help you to connect with your Guides and receive direct information.  You will discover what may be standing in your way and you will meet your Higher Self so you can move past roadblocks to your Guides. You will feel more grounded and a sense of peace that they are in fact around you. The exercises will help you connect with your joy over and over again.

  • Day Two: Meet Your Gatekeeper and See & Feel Your Guides

On Day Two, you are going to learn all about the different Guides we have and why your Gatekeeper is different. How connecting with him or her can help you to facilitate strong, clear, focused sessions with your Guides. You will learn how to set up boundaries with your Guides and what rituals you can perform that will help you connect with them.

  • Day Three: Break Away from Doubt and Trust Your Guides

On Day Three, I’m going to explain how you can work with a specific Guide, how to understand their energy, how to ask them questions and how to build a strong relationship with them.  You will receive techniques that help you to build a relationship with one particular Guide. You're also going to get creative, with an art exercise!

  • Day Four: Know Your Guides Intimately to Consciously Create

On Day Four, I'll take you through an exercise where you directly communicate with your Guides, so they can answer specific questions you have. You will also start to build your symbolic library for you to further intepret the messages you receive and how to clearly focus on conscious creation of the life you are meant to live.

  • Day Five: Interpret Symbols You Receive and Find Clarity on Your Life's Purpose

On Day Five, you will expand your symbolic library and continue to intrepret and communicate with your Guides as you grow and expand, living and thriving in your truth and personal mastery.

  • BONUS: Meet Your Joy Guide & Align Your Chakras for Abundant Living    

Do you push Joy aside? Not give it the time it needs to develop? It is extremely important to explore our Joy while we are busy with our everyday lives. We will start the journey to meet our Joy Guide through different techniques and challenges. We will go through a guided meditation and learn to start nurturing our Joy. You will also receive a meditation to align your energy centers for abundant living!

  5 self-paced video and audio course instruction, each ranging from 30-90 minutes  

▪ Daily Meditations and downloadable workbooks with tips and techniques to support your experience

Bonus audio download to Meet Your Joy Guide and Abundance Chakra Meditation

"I absolutely love and always look forward to the classes offered by Marilyn Alauria. Her straight forward style, enthusiasm, psychic gifts, and genuine caring for people makes listening always interesting, unpredictable, and uplifting! The last class about connecting with our guides was Amazing and significantly helped me move forward with communicating with Spirit and my guides. My life completely changed, and now continues to get better with each one of her inspirational, unique, and richly informative classes!" ~ Linda

"I've been enjoying her classes that help guide and engage us with our spirit and angel guides for several years now, but have never received such clarity and great advice as I have when I take classes offered by Marilyn Alauria! I continue to receive and tap into such amazing, yet simple exercises that have really been life changing for me! If you haven't connected with Marilyn yet, you are going to be energized and pleasantly surprised by what you discover! Thank you for the opportunity to learn more from my guides! " ~ Cheryl

"I’ve enrolled in a ton of classes in my life and I can honestly say that Marilyn over delivers! From the moment it starts, she takes you on an experience. It is obvious that she truly wants to help everyone she encounters during the process. If her class feels right for you, don’t hesitate to join. Seriously - it will be life-changing :-) " ~Gretchen

Join Marilyn Alauria to Communicate with your Soul Guides, find clarity on your Divine Purpose, and discover the joy waiting in your heart. 

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Marilyn Alauria

About the instructor

Internationally renowned psychic medium and creator of the highly successful program The 28 Day Challenge and Membership for Your Soul, Marilyn Alauria, is passionate about teaching you how to engage your gifts, meet your Guides, and live an awe-inspired life. When you learn to co-create with your Guides, you get unstuck, blast through old limits, and finally feel the peace, love, and joy that your Guides have been longing to share with you.

She had her first experience with Spirit when she was five but didn’t understand what was happening to her. Because of the difficulties she encountered while growing up, she was depressed, angry, and confused. Through an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, she expanded into her power and harnessed and embraced her psychic gifts, which helps YOU transform your life.

Marilyn knows it’s her mission to teach people around the world that they are not alone, that they, too, possess the same gifts she has, and that everyone can heal themselves and others with these gifts. That's why she started Membership for Your Soul, where she does exactly that. The members have done amazing work in their own lives with Marilyn's guidance, and she is so proud and honored to lead such a wonderful group.

Marilyn’s work is centered around integrity, and she holds each interaction and experience in the highest regard. She’s worked with famous people and beautiful souls known only to a few. It’s her honor and privilege to work with Spirit in this unique and powerful capacity and to be able to offer such essential insight to everyone she works with.

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