Writing A Book That Matters: Nonfiction Series

Writing A Book That Matters Series

Let Your Soul Speak. Write your book from message to completed manuscript!

Are you ready to write a book that matters? 

The book only YOU can write?

Best-selling author and spiritual teacher Debra Engle knows what it feels like to listen to your inner guidance and let your soul speak.

Now her easy-to-follow system will help you write your book... every step of the way!

To write a book that matters, you need three things.

1. A message you care about. 
2. Direction to help you develop that message so you can connect with readers. 
3. Inner spiritual guidance to support and inspire you as you write. 

That’s why this writing series is so unique. It will help you identify your message, build your writing skills and receive the personal direction you need from your spiritual guidance.

With the help of these two courses, you’ll go from message to completed manuscript so you can share your voice with the world.

Here's what Debra says about Spiritual Nonfiction I 

Here's what she says about Spiritual Nonfiction II 

How will these courses help you write a book that matters? 

There are lots of writing courses available, and many of them are excellent. 

But these courses are truly unique for several reasons.

They're focused on spiritual writing. If you’ve overcome a challenge, have an insight to share or want to teach techniques for inner growth, this kind of writing is for you. The world needs your voice and passion. That’s why Debra will help you identify your unique message and bring it to life.

Not only will you be writing about your spiritual message, but you’ll receive 14 guided visualizations to help you work with your spiritual guidance, making your writing time easier and more productive. Each visualization helps you get to know your spirit guides and draw on their wisdom as you write. 

Debra will walk you through the process of writing your book step by step. Over the years, she has developed a practical system to bring out the best in you, even if you haven't written before. Every lesson is easy to follow and shows you the how of writing so you can feel confident as you create your book step by step.

Debra understands what it takes to achieve your goal, and that's why she has jam-packed these course for you. They include... 

  • Videos introducing each module and the lessons in each part of the course.
  • Guided visualizations in every module to open up your creative flow, listen to your spiritual guidance, overcome your fears, and honor your writing practice.
  • Downloadable pdfs with essential writing tips and techniques.
  • Writing exercises that will help you build your book chapter by chapter, story by story.
  • Easy ways to track your progress so you can feel a sense of accomplishment at each stage of the process.
  • A Resource Library of pdfs created just for these courses, with priceless information about common grammar mistakes (and how to avoid them), how to format your manuscript and types of non-fiction books so you can write the book that works best for your message. 

Best of all, you can get a Free Preview with great content to try it out before you buy!

You’ll see just how different these courses are and how they will help you write your book once and for all!

When you preview 
Spiritual Nonfiction I or II, you’ll see the outline for the whole course and how comprehensive it is. At the same time, the lessons in the Free Preview will show you how easy and fun it is to do. 

Plus...receive up to 6 special bonuses! 
For Spiritual Nonfiction I receive:
  • Answers to three common questions about writing a spiritual book.
  • Five essential things you need to know to get started and simplify the writing process.
  • Five mistakes writers make and how to avoid them.

For Spiritual Nonfiction II receive:
  • Three ways to make time  for your writing.
  • Three secrets to make your book stand out  and present the best reflection of who you are.
  • Pros and cons  of different publishing options to help you decide which approach is best for you and your book.

Both courses include self-paced, downloadable, multimedia materials so you can learn on your soul schedule! 

You'll be surprised what you can accomplish when you receive the guidance you deserve!

The Writing A Book That Matters Series includes these courses:

Spiritual Nonfiction I 

Spiritual Nonfiction II 

 Total Value of both courses $394  - Your Investment - $295 
for a Savings of 25%!

and receive 6 Incredible Bonuses for FREE !  

Go from message to completed manuscript! 

Click on the course links below for more information!
(FREE Previews with Great Content from Each Course!)

Writing A Book That Matters Series includes these courses

Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction I
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Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction II
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