Writing A Book That Matters: Nonfiction Series

Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction Series

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Are you ready to write a book that matters?

The book only YOU can write?

Work with best-selling author and spiritual teacher Debra Engle to accomplish your goal!

Debra knows what it feels like to listen to your inner guidance and let your soul speak because she has done it!

Now she is going to help you... every step of the way!

To write a book that matters, you need three things.

1. A successful approach to writing and publishing.
2. A spiritual connection to your message and the readers who will be impacted by it.
3. Inner spiritual guidance to support and inspire you.

These will help you stop feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed so you can experience the pride and accomplishment of sharing your message.

Within you, you know your message needs focus, attention, and care. 

Let's find it together.

Listen as Debra shares what to expect in Spiritual Nonfiction I

Listen to what you can expect in Spiritual Nonfiction II

How will these courses help you write a book that matters?

There are lots of writing courses available, and many of them are excellent.

But these courses taken together are truly unique for several reasons.

First, they are totally focused on spiritual writing. When that’s your passion, you want guidance not just on writing a book, but writing a book that matters. That’s why Deb will help you identify your unique message and bring it to life.

Second, not only will you be writing about your spiritual message, but Deb will help you work with your spiritual guidance to make the writing process easier and more productive. How can your writing practice and spiritual practice go hand in hand? Deb will show you.

And third, Deb is going to walk you through the process of writing your book step by step. Over the years, she has developed a practical, easy-to-follow process to bring out the best in you, even if you haven't written before.

Includes self-paced, downloadable, multimedia materials so you can learn on your soul schedule!

You'll be surprised what you can accomplish when we do this together!

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Move from message to completed manuscript!

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Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction Series includes these courses

Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction I
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Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction II
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