The Shaman's Way MasterClass at Sacred U

The Shaman's Way

A MasterClass with Dr Steven Farmer, Linda Star Wolf, and Ana Maria Vasquez

The Way of the Shaman is a path of self-improvement, self-empowerment, and bringing forth wisdom to heal others. These ancient, spiritual practices will help you discover who you really are and guide you to develop the skills that you may use to transform yourself and the world!

When applied, these simple yet invaluable practices help improve health, relationships, confidence, love, personal path & spiritual connection.

Join three Master Teachers who will each take you through a shamanic journey and doorways to other realms of reality where helping spirits reside who will share wisdom, guidance, insights, and healing for us and the world!

The Earth needs us.
Become an agent for extraordinary health and well-being.

Shamanism is a profound and lifelong path of personal growth and psychological healing. No longer do we live in a tribal village where we can just meet with the local shaman. 

And, even if we could, would we not want to learn even more?

It is through a combination of accrued wisdom and your own discovery and development that you may become a shamanic source of wisdom and healing for your community.

If you are ready to embrace life with heart, spirit, and a few power animals along the way, sign up for this Shamanism MasterClass!

You Will Learn and Experience:

  • The history of Shamanism 
  • Many cultural practices and paths to shamanic consciousness
  • How to honor and call in the 7 directions
  • How to commune with the natural world - the Animal, Plant, Stone and Elemental Beings 
  • How to use sound and movement, plant and animal medicine, and breathwork
  • How to use Shamanic Breathwork to empower your life
  • Common spiritual causes of illness and healing modalities to treat them
  • How to create and bless your altar 
  • How to connect with and work with ancestor spirits and heal ancestral trauma
  • How to perform sacred ceremonies and rituals with plant medicines involved
  • How to connect with power animals, spirit guides and creature teachers and receive and interpret their messages
  • How to embody shamanic consciousness into your life and work
  • And more!

The MasterClass Runs Feb 5 - March 2 and Includes:
  • Four weeks of profound teaching and experiences! 
  • Three Master Teachers and Shamans!
  • Four LIVE Q+A Calls!
  • Four weeks of a LIVE Discussion Forum to ask questions!
  • ALL materials are recorded and available for download for you to use forever! 

There is so much depth to these courses, that we encourage you to check them all out below! 

Meet Your Master Teachers and Shamans!

Join Ana Maria Vasquez and Reconnect to Ancient Wisdom!

Join Linda Star Wolf to Awaken the Shaman Within 

Join Dr. Steven Farmer on The Path of the Shaman

Walk Deeper in the Path of Spirit to Incorporate Shamanism in Your Life.     
Enjoy Bonus Materials from ALL Three Master Teachers and a Fourth LIVE Q&A Call!   
(ONLY Available with MasterClass)          

ALL Materials Recorded and Available for Download for You To Keep Forever! 

Or Enroll in the Individual Courses Below! 
Each course shares the first module FREE!

The Shaman's Way includes these courses

Modern Shamanism
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Awaken the Shaman Within
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The Path of the Shaman
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Shamanism Masterclass Bonus Week
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