Communicating with the Company of Heaven

Communicating with the Company of Heaven

Communicating with the Company of Heaven

A MasterClass with 3 powerful courses and a Bonus Week!


The Star Councils Christed Heart Transmissions

The Christed Heart teachings align us deeper into the Kingdom of Mother/Father God as we walk the Path of Divine Love.

As we draw upon the New Earth Templates and Universal Truths of this Golden Age of Light in the knowing that Love is All There Is, we activate the 12 Petals of our Christed Heart as we experience these transmissions and a deeper sense of our Divinity and Innocence.

Join Anrita Melchizedek to Experience The Star Councils Christed Heart Transmissions as these Sacred Transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light.

The Grand Council and the Sacred Robes

 Are you ready to journey inward? Curious how sacred art and the Company of Heaven can help you transform your life?

Prepare to experience five incredible daily Journeys where you explore Sources of Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom in your own life utilizing Guidance from the Company of Heaven - in this case, The Grand Council, oracled by Diane Wilcoxson.

Five of Megan Wagner’s 33 Sacred Robes featuring divine aspects of The Grand Council are presented and worked with.

Join Megan Wagner and Diane Wilcoxson to explore your soul's blueprint and gain insight into your life's purpose so you may co-create the life conditions that will optimally support you.

The Energy of the Bosnian Pyramids

 Have you ever experienced the profound and intense energy of pyramids?

Pyramids across the globe are known in spiritual circles to be places of intense and profound healing energies which also enhance your connectivity to Universe, your True Self and Personal Power. Pyramids are vortexes of potent energy! When you combine these geometric amplifiers with meditations, activations and inner work, you increase and accelerate change and transformation in your life.

Join Esther Bartkiw to harness the power of the Bosnian Pyramids and ramp up your ascension process and speed of inner transformation.

This special MasterClass also includes a Bonus Week with additional information from all instructors!

AND self-paced, downloadable, multimedia materials so you can learn at your pace!

AND a LIVE One Hour Call Each Week of the course!

AND Additional Instructor Support in the Discussion Forum!

Total Value of all 4 weeks - $421 - Your Investment - $222 for a Savings of 47%!

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Communicating with the Company of Heaven includes these courses

The Star Councils Christed Heart Transmissions LIVE
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The Grand Council and Sacred Robes LIVE
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Harness The Power of the Bosnian Pyramids LIVE
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Communicating with the Company of Heaven Masterclass Bonus Week and LIVE Q&A Call
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