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Nature as a Messenger: Receiving Divine Communication

Connect with the animal and nature realms and hear the Divine guidance shared with you.

The Hidden History of the Goddess

Walk through history and discover the stories of the Goddesses! Learn why She has been rediscovered in our times and how Her wisdom has the power to heal our planet.

The Lost Symbols of The Goddess

Go beyond the commonly known archetypes for women of the virgin or the whore and reveal the Goddess archetypes behind them. Learn the symbols of the Goddess to include the Moon, Bee, Dove, Swan, Owl, Raven, and more!

Mary Magdalene and The Return of The Divine Sophia

Who was Mary Magdalene and what is her real story? What parts of history have been omitted? Find out why Jesus called Mary "the Woman Who Knew the All" and "the Apostle of Apostles".

Mary Magdalene and The Search For The Holy Grail

Why have the Legends of King Arthur and the Holy Grail persisted for over 1500 years? Discover how these legends are connected with the stories of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their lineage.

The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Path to Mastery

Mary Magdalene and Jesus were joined in teaching the Way of the Chalice, a wisdom path that has the power to open our inner senses and activate our awakening. Discover it for yourself!

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