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Akashic Healing Prayers to Transform Your Life

Learn from the Akashic Records Beings of Light life-changing teachings and prayers to transform your life! Release soul contracts, past vows, and unconscious karma.

Quantum Approaches to Healing

Learn how to apply the Quantum Holographic Model for healing to improve all aspects of your life.

Communication with your Soul Guides

Connect to your soul's purpose and receive everyday guidance.

Healing with Solar Color Energies

Learn and experience 5 powerful Solar Color Energies to help you heal, purify, balance, and experience freedom and joy like never before!

Achieve Happiness Through Radical Forgiveness

Experience a RADICAL change in HAPPINESS and how you feel about yourself! Raise your self-esteem and discover the peace, love, and acceptance that are waiting in your heart!

Masterful Empath

Your ability to feel so much is a gift. Learn what it means to be an empath and a highly sensitive empath and gain the energetic tools and support you can use to live with vitality! Develop your own guidance as you use your empathic gifts.

Harness The Power of the Bosnian Pyramids

Create change and transformation in all areas of your life with the Sacred Activations of the Bosnian Pyramids.

The Grand Council and Sacred Robes

Explore the imagery of the sacred robes and journey inward to gain insights into your life's purpose.

The Star Councils Christed Heart Transmissions

Come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart and receive the Star Councils Christed Heart transmissions.

Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice

Your antidote to anxiety and stress is inner peace. The Interfaith Amigos will help you find deeper peace through practices drawn from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Nature as a Messenger: Receiving Divine Communication

Connect with the animal and nature realms and hear the Divine guidance shared with you.

Conscious Brand Building

Are you ready to develop your unique Divine Voice and share it with the world? Work directly with Rev. Patricia and receive the expert insights and support you deserve! Includes 2 Special Bonuses!

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