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Awakening the Ten Bodies with Kundalini Yoga

FREE: Nurture your direct experience with your Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arc Line, Auric Body, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, and Radiant Body.

Mary Magdalene and The Return of the Divine Goddess

Discover why the remembrance of Mary-Isis-Sophia, the Sacred Mother is so important and how Mary Magdalene is helping to return Her wisdom to our planet.

Rainbow Light Body and Living Ascension

Understand the ancient mystical pursuit of the Rainbow Light Body and the spiritual practice of using sacred art as a conduit to the divine realms. Find out the hidden ascension insights sacred art embodies.

The Path of the Shaman

Explore the role of the Shaman and connect with your Spirit Guides, Allies and Ancestors as you learn to enact sacred ceremonies and bring Shamanism into your everyday life!

The Truth About Sound: Ancient Use to Future Applications

Journey into our sacred past to understand the truth about sound and explore the ancient use and current and future connection of sound to all that is.

The Tree of Life, the Anunnaki Gods, and the Way of the Return

What is the Tree of Life, what does legend tell us about its' powers, and why is the understanding of the Tree crucial to the Path of Enlightenment we seek today?

Return of the Solar Lords and the Galactic Awakening

Usher in the Age of Aquarius with the knowledge of the Ancients! As the Earth crosses the Galactic Equator discover the Solar Lords, the Light Bringers who come to awaken humanity and renew the world.

The Lost Years of Jesus and Secret Schools of Initiation

Walk alongside the Masters as you learn the deep esoteric knowledge of the hidden history, teachings, mission of Jesus, and the Mysteries of the ancient Secret Schools of Initiation!

The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Deepen your path to Mastery and begin your quest to decode the magical Mysteries of Ancient Egypt - the Motherland of the Mysteries, the foundation of Western Civilizations, and the Way Shower to the Stars.

Let Nature Be Your Guide

Activate Your Sacred Alliance with Nature! Amplify your intuitive abilities with the natural realm by connecting with the plants, animals, rocks, and elements through your energy channels of hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing.

Shatkti Rising

Journey through the elements of Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Spirit. Awaken your Shakti to its fullest form. Connect with powerful Goddess archetypes and experience integrative rituals to activate your Life Force Energy!

Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction I

Write the book that your Soul is ready to write! Receive step by step support with how-to writing tools and spiritual guidance.

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