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Masterful Empath

Your ability to feel so much is a gift. Learn what it means to be an empath and a highly sensitive empath and gain the energetic tools and support you can use to live with vitality! Develop your own guidance as you use your empathic gifts.

Mary Magdalene and The Return of the Divine Goddess

Discover why the remembrance of Mary-Isis-Sophia, the Sacred Mother is so important and how Mary Magdalene is helping to return Her wisdom to our planet.

The Lost Years of Jesus and the Secret Schools of Initiation

Walk alongside the Masters as you learn the deep esoteric knowledge of the hidden history, teachings, mission of Jesus, and the Mysteries of the ancient Secret Schools of Initiation!

The Path of the Shaman

Explore the role of the Shaman and connect with your Spirit Guides, Allies and Ancestors as you learn to enact sacred ceremonies and bring Shamanism into your everyday life!

Awaken the Shaman Within

AWAKEN your Shamanic Consciousness and Learn Shamanic Breathwork to Journey Beyond the Limits of the Self with Linda Star Wolf

Modern Shamanism

Cultivate a Shamanic Practice and Expand Your Soul's Connection with the Natural World

Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction I

Write the book that your Soul is ready to write! Receive step by step support with how-to writing tools and spiritual guidance.

Writing A Book That Matters: Spiritual Nonfiction II

Receive the writing tools and spiritual support you need to finish writing your book - a book that matters! The world is waiting!

Writing A Book That Matters Series

Let Your Soul Speak. Write your book from message to completed manuscript!

Conscious Brand Building

Are you ready to develop your unique Divine Voice and share it with the world? Work directly with Rev. Patricia and receive the expert insights and support you deserve! Includes 2 Special Bonuses!

Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice

Your antidote to anxiety and stress is inner peace. The Interfaith Amigos will help you find deeper peace through practices drawn from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Quantum Approaches to Healing

Learn how to apply the Quantum Holographic Model for healing to improve all aspects of your life.

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